About Us

Shipp’s Marine was founded in 1955 by A. E. “Pappy” Shipp and his son, John W. Shipp. The original business was a gas and service station which began working on small outboards. A Scott-Attwater Outboard representative took notice and inquired about the possibility of setting up the father and son team as a dealer. Pappy, being an avid fisherman, and John, a water sports enthusiast himself, agreed it was an opportunity worth pursuing and so began Shipp’s Marine Service, Inc.

As business grew, so did Pappy’s desire to see an improved bass boat for the consumer. He approached a local boat builder with his ideas and suggestions. When they failed to implement any of his ideas, he decided to build his own bass boat. In 1964, Sidewinder Bass Boats went into production. Advertised as a boat, “Designed and built, as the ultimate in comfort, service, and ‘fishability’ for the fisherman by a fisherman”, sales of the boats immediately soared. In 1967, Pappy’s youngest son, Glenn D. Shipp, joined the family business. This further allowed Pappy to focus fully on the Sidewinder boats while John and Glenn maintained the retail side of the business.

In 1976, the family built a new retail store located just east of the original location. This expanded facility allowed for better display of product and accessories as well as included a dedicated service building. Due to the increase in volume of both retail and wholesale business, the family was at a crossroads. A new manufacturing facility was required to properly continue the boat building aspect of the business while the retail side already had a new facility capable of maintaining its current demands. Therefore, in 1978, the family chose to cease production of the Sidewinder Bass Boats and focus strictly on the retail aspect of the marine business.

In the late eighties, Pappy went into semi-retirement allowing his sons to continue the family business. In 1999, his grandson, John ‘JD’ Shipp, began working at the dealership full time under the stewardship of his Uncle John and father, Glenn. In 2006, John W. Shipp retired. Glenn and JD Shipp now operate the business which began through the efforts of a father and a son. We hope to have an opportunity to serve your family’s boating endeavors just as we have for countless families and friends spanning over half a century of service to the East Texas area.

These are brochures covering some of the Sidewinder product over the years!